Expo Dubai 2020 Infrastructure Works

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Expo Dubai 2020 (60-001 & 60-004) Infrastructure Works

The Expo Dubai 2020 project has been the pride and joy of the UAE and the first time a Middle Eastern city has hosted the world fair. This project aimed to develop the infrastructure for the Expo 2020 site, which included irrigation and sewerage, pipes and cabling, roads, electricity and water, as well as telecommunications ducting. The 4.38-sqkm site was used to host up to 300,000 visitors per day. Another contract under this sizable project involved building events infrastructure for Expo development, with the scope of work involving construction of internal roads, as well as shallow and deep utilities at the site. JAD was contracted to provide supply chain and logistical support to the main contractor. The services provided included building maintenance and the provision of shift leaders, SCADA senior operators, electrical technicians, along with supplying fire and life safety technicians daily on a 24/7 basis.

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