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JAD prides itself on providing exceptional services and our expertise extends across a number of industries, including power and water, sewage treatment, infrastructure development, high-rise construction, retail and hospitality. Our complete suite of services ranges from sponsorship and project management to logistics and supply chain.

  • Corporate Sponsorship

    JAD specialises in providing corporate sponsorship to international companies looking to set up or expand their business in the UAE. We fully understand the challenges foreign investors face and offer a full range of hassle-free sponsorship arrangements, designed to help you navigate the complex procedures associated with establishing a business in mainland Dubai.

    Our team consists of industry experts with extensive knowledge of local working practices and a strong understanding of the laws and regulations that affect business operations. The focus is on simplifying the entire business set up process and we tailor our packages to suit your specific needs and interests. Our specialised solutions include government liaison PRO services, such as company registration, license processing, VAT taxation and visa processing, as well as business support services, including market advisory, HR and payroll.

  • Logistics & Supply Chain

    We are experts in delivering logistics and supply chain services in a range of sectors, be it retail, real estate, hospitality, industrial or infrastructure. In today’s fast-developing technology-driven world, logistics and supply chain has become more than just transportation and warehousing. We understand the need for businesses to take a holistic look at their operations and optimise their strategy.

    Whether your business requires changing existing supply chain processes or establishing new ones, we can help with all aspects. We review your supply chain design and suggest specific workflow enhancements that yield instant results. This includes everything from developing physical infrastructure, inventory management, demand planning and network improvements, to simplifying your processes and improving your KPIs.

    JAD works closely with leading logistics service providers to deliver comprehensive land, sea and air operations, allowing companies to not only grow their distribution but also expand internationally. Our team of advisors have years of experience and expertise in the field and provide practical, efficient and cost-effective solutions that produce proven results.

  • Project Management

    A vital aspect of any business is to have its projects running effortlessly and efficiently. This requires expert project management skills, no matter how large or small the project. JAD provides specialist project management services that help bring direction and leadership to any project.

    Embracing all processes, from project initiation, planning, execution, monitoring and controlling, all the way to closing, our highly experienced consultants provide a seamless flow to any project and ensure that work is delivered in a precise and timely manner. We help bring focus to your project by clearly defining the scope and deadlines, centralising the data and processes, as well as optimising resources and budgets. This promotes productivity, reduces risk and creates effective allocation of resources, leading to improved quality control and higher customer satisfaction.